One of our most efficient bungalow home plans – classic bungalow style. Sense of openness between the rooms while still clearly defined. A functional plan with easy furniture placements. Multiple column types available also: tapered columns on stone base, full height, etc. Multiple rooflines available: double gable, single gable, hipped roof . Crafted Green Home widths are based on 4′ increments – less waste during construction. Bump outs are kept to a minimum. Extra corners are expensive, energy inefficient, and time consuming to build. Roof line is simple. Less waste and complication means savings that can be put into extra energy efficient appliances, solar power, and most importantly insulation. A smaller, but well functioning, living space means less energy is needed over the life of the home. A simple insulating envelope with equipment in conditioned spaces equals superior HVAC performance and less utility costs.


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