This design is simple and efficient making it an ideal house plan for a modern family on a tight budget. This plan hosts 3 bedrooms, a large master bath room, a simple cost effective bathroom, a large common room and plenty of storage. The single level layout and universal design options make it an excellent house plan for empty nesters. This informal layout is appropriate for home owners who value durable, high performance construction, more than fancy foyers and extra powder rooms. This home features Passive solar design techniques such as Southern exposure for large areas of glazing, window shading devices and super insulated construction options make this modern house plan green. The simple shape and D.I.Y. options make this an extremely affordable home design. The large common room, with its sliding glass door out onto the patio deck, features polished concrete floors, built in office nook, and large sloped wood ceilings. The large glass windows and doors on the south side flood the great room with light. Open shelving and a complete D.I.Y. kitchen are cost saving design options. This D.I.Y. kitchen option features shop table style counters made from concrete slabs and scrap lumber. Simple concrete rectangular slabs that don’t require the insertion of sinks or faucets are easy to fabricate. Simple steel angle brackets support upper shelves made from 2by12s and provide a nice industrial aesthetic. This D.I.Y. Kitchen option has a rustic style and industrial strength. Framed walls provide a series of bays for the refrigerator, home office, and cooking area. These separations allow each D.I.Y. project to be contained in a distinct space and only require a single finished face. When framing a house there are always a bunch of leftover pieces of 2x4s or 2x6s. Here is a cool way to turn scraps into a heavy duty kitchen island. The trick to this project is to construct 10.5”-15” wide slabs that will fit through a thickness planer. Once the strips have been planed to a uniform and smooth finish the whole top can be bolted together with threaded rod. The holes for the threaded rod should be drilled before the panels are assembled. These butcher block style slabs can then be used to create the outer shell of the island. Prefab cabinet units or shelves made from scrap 2x4s and plywood can be used to fill out and support the island.






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