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France Prefab Tiny Home by Pin-Up Homes


I want to introduce you to our new prefabricated experimental pin-up tiny home, which I name „France“. This tiny home consists of 21 insulated pannels. The separated pannels are linked along with threaded rods, so the home may be assembled and reassembled simply in simply in the future. This tiny home is made up of three major areas. The blue house is for sleeping and is split by a multifunctional partition, which concurrently serves as cabinets and an entrance to the bed room. Psychologically, the colour blue is probably the most appropriate for night time´s sleep. The white-colored house serves because the day zone with multifunctional seats and a desk. Whereas the wood-burning range and kitchenette are approprately discovered within the purple house. There you’ve gotten it, blue, white and purple; the colours of the French flag and the color-coordnated areas discovered on this distinctive Tiny Home, „France“.



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